Seattle dating ideas

The onset of the fall season brings with it a lot of exciting things like Monday Night Football with the guys, the opportunity to break your favorite jacket out of the back of the closet, and of course, the fact that you aren’t going to sweat your ass off every time you step outside.

But how do you incorporate the best aspects of the autumn season—beautiful weather, delicious seasonal beers, and yes, more football— into your dating life and still manage to avoid all of the annoying clichés that come with?

This is a great idea for a first date because it’s super casual and doesn’t require much effort.

The chilly air will just give you another excuse to get closer. Whether you can score tickets, or you just watch on your TV at home, most guys can’t resist a girl who’ll watch sports with them.

Because let’s be honest, we know that going to the pumpkin patch and snapping that one perfect Instagram photo isn’t exactly your idea of a great time.

If you’re looking to wander off the beaten path and impress your date with something a little more inventive, you’ll definitely want to check out these original fall date ideas that you’ll both enjoy.

Find your inner caveman (yell as loud as you can), root with him (or against him), and eat some game time snacks.

But, don’t worry, collegiettes - while we can’t really help lighten your homework load (sorry…), we can give you some cheap, fun date ideas that will help make this fall a lot more enjoyable… But in the fall, it starts to get a little too cold for a regular picnic.

Instead, go get some warm coffee or tea, and head outside to a park benchsip and chat together!

Old penitentiaries like Alcatraz in San Francisco and the Old City Jail in Charleston offer guided night tours that will have your date squeezing your arm tight when things start to get a little scary.

Make sure to book tickets in advance, though, as night tours tend to sell out quickly once the cold weather starts to kick in.

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