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Melania and Ivanka Trump opted not to wear head scarves during a tour of Saudi Arabia, less than two years after the president slammed former first lady Michelle Obama for failing to cover her head.Melania was dressed elegantly in all-black when she and her husband landed in Saudi Arabia Saturday morning.All this, let us remember, came after Trump had sewn up yet another outrageous arms deal with the Saudis (0bn or £84.4bn) and the proposed purchase by Qatar of what Trump obscenely referred to as “a lot of beautiful military equipment”.

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Former First Lady Laura Bush, pictured, also opted out of a head covering on her visit to Saudi Arabia in October 2007, with the exception of briefly wearing one as she met with cancer survivors in Jeddah.There were no words of compassion, none of mercy, absolutely not a word of apology for his racist, anti-Muslim speeches of last year.Even more incredibly, he blamed Iran – rather than Isis – for “fuelling sectarian violence”, pitied the Iranian people for their “despair” a day after they had freely elected a liberal reformer as their president, and demanded the further isolation of the largest Shiite country in the Middle East. Trump’s Sunni Saudi hosts glowed with warmth at such wisdom.But she was missing a head scarf in a religious country that imposes some of the world's harshest restrictions on women.The President's daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump also opted-out of covering her head during the state visit.

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