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The abstract must commence on a separate sheet and any sheet including an abstract or portion of an abstract may not contain any other parts of the application or other material (37 CFR 1.72(b)). See 37 CFR 1.125 for filing rewritten papers constituting a substitute specification required by the Office. All papers which are to become a part of the permanent records of the U. Patent and Trademark Office must be legibly written either by a typewriter or mechanical printer in permanent dark ink or its equivalent in portrait orientation on flexible, strong, smooth, nonshiny, durable, and white paper.All application papers that are submitted on paper or by facsimile transmission which are to become a part of the permanent record of the U. Patent and Trademark Office must be on sheets of paper which are the same size (for example, an amendment should not have two different sizes of paper, but the specification can have one size of paper and the drawings a different size) and are either 21.0 cm. Typed, mimeographed, xeroprinted, multigraphed or nonsmearing carbon copy forms of reproduction are acceptable.The specification must commence on a separate sheet. (3/4 inch), and a bottom margin of at least 2.0 cm. No holes should be made in the sheets as submitted.Each sheet including part of the specification may not include other parts of the application or other information. Each sheet, other than the drawings, must include a top margin of at least 2.0 cm. Application papers that are submitted electronically to the Office must be formatted and transmitted in compliance with the Office’s electronic filing system requirements. See also MPEP § 502.05 and the EFS-Web Legal Framework ( applying-online/legal-framework-efs-web-06april11) for details regarding correspondence transmitted to the Office using EFS-Web, the Office’s system for the electronic filing of patent correspondence.The disclosure is objected to because of the following informalities: [1]. Use this paragraph to point out minor informalities such as spelling errors, inconsistent terminology, numbering of elements, etc., which should be corrected. The text may not be written solely in capital letters.See form paragraphs 6.28 to 6.31 for specific informalities. All application papers (specification, including claims, abstract, any drawings, oath or declaration, and other papers), and also papers subsequently filed, must have each page plainly written on only one side of a sheet of paper.The USPTO will not return papers simply because they do not comply with 37 CFR 1.52.

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The failure to submit application papers in compliance with 37 CFR 1.52 does not affect the grant of a filing date, and original application papers that do not comply with 37 CFR 1.52 will be retained in the application file as the original disclosure of the invention. The requirement for an adequate disclosure ensures that the public receives something in return for the exclusionary rights that are granted to the inventor by a patent.Applicant may rely for disclosure upon the specification with original claims and drawings, as filed. If during the course of examination of a patent application, an examiner notes the use of language that could be deemed offensive to any race, religion, sex, ethnic group, or nationality, he or she should object to the use of the language as failing to comply with 37 CFR 1.3 which proscribes the presentation of papers which are lacking in decorum and courtesy.It is necessary to replace the British English spellings with the equivalent American English spellings in the U. There is no additional requirement that the English must be American English. (0.125 inch) high, but may be no smaller than 0.21 cm.Form paragraph 7.29 may be used where the disclosure contains minor informalities. (0.08 inch) high (e.g., a font size of 6) (37 CFR1.52(b)(2)(ii)).

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