Dating as a science project

Does the person you are dating really need to know that you find a certain hairstyle unattractive?Do they need to know and share in your every bad mood? Dating is not an excuse to neglect kindness or hang all our inner commentary out to dry.

It is important to be yourself when starting a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you should do and say everything you feel.From their weekly—and rather antagonistic— therapy sessions, to their comments to one another about little pet peeves, Jessica and Timothy held nothing back in the early days of their relationship.As a result, Jessica and Timothy were constantly smiting from tiny dagger blows of truth that could have normally—and healthily—gone unsaid.Forcing yourself to slow down and actually date one another in the first month of your relationship will relieve pressure and allow the relationship to grow naturally while still in its incubation period.We all know that relationships are hard and couples therapy is a positive and beneficial step for couples who have committed to one another.

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