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That was all that my team conveyed to me."After getting the part, and coming to the set, Mc Creary said, "Claudette was not my character's name.I was, like, Wait a minute, what the hell is going on?"In that tough time, before I quit acting, that was one of the few creative things that had made me really happy. "There's the Shonda Land rhythm stuff, but on Grey's Anatomy, we don't speak as quickly as they do," she said. After all, her white mother had a years-long affair with a black man — which, again, we take for granted.

"She was, like, 'So, you're the love child of Ellis and Richard Webber.' I was, like, 'Oh!What brought her back was a play she had workshopped — Dominique Morisseau's Follow Me to Nellie's — that was finally getting a production. But I know I'm going to have a great time: I love these people, and I love this play." That show didn't last, but it nevertheless opened doors for Mc Creary and she decided she wanted to keep pushing forward into television and film."I came to L. "I was lucky, because my experience on Scandal was really positive."That was one of the things that — I'm getting really emotional," Mc Creary noted through tears. And it got back to Shonda that I had not been a pain in the ass. So I think that put me in a position to be in the running for Maggie." Though Rhimes' writing is famous for its fast-talk, speeches, and surprising reveals, Mc Creary has found some differences in being on the two shows. ' 'OK, one more time in Scandal pace.'" On Grey's, we can take it as a given that, of course Meredith Grey, a white woman, has a black sister.It's the final episode of the season, and it's Sandra Oh's final episode.I'm very much in the background in this scene in the bigger picture.

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