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I used a 2.8mm drill and then tapped the holes out to the correct imperial 6/32 size for motherboard mounting posts.

The hardest part is offering up the motherboard to the tray and accurately marking where to drill.

It’s very highly thought of and should be more than enough for this system.

I mentioned before that some of the board power connectors are non-standard, in fact only the 8-pin EPS connector has a standard pinout and fitting.

We need to start with a case for this thing and like I said, even the largest ‘normal’ tower case will be too small. There aren’t many of these and the one I chose was the Nanoxia Deep Silence 6.

I got it from Quiet PC in the UK and managed to grab a B-grade bargain at £139, that’s a £50 reduction on the full price and I couldn’t tell what made it B-grade because it looks perfect to me. I can confirm what the online reviews say when they describe this case as being massive. I expect that if it were hollowed out then I could fit my current Fractal Design tower case inside it.

Later on this article I’ll go through my own setup and experiences.I have no way of knowing how much will actually be drawn by each rail so it’s safest for me to buy a single rail unit with a nice high overall amperage.I plugged my prospective peripherals into an online PSU amperage calculator and it came out with a recommended 750W supply for dual 130W TDP processors, four 15K SCSI drives, an SSD and an ATI 7970 graphics card.Eventually I got all the holes drilled that I thought I could get away with and the board is held securely clear of the base of the case.This is by far the hardest part of the job and even with all my careful measurement and drilling my expansion cards are slightly bent in their slots due to a couple of millimetres of misalignment. If I were to do this again I would probably drill wider diameter holes in the motherboard tray to allow a small amount of adjustment.

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