Who is kesha dating

This Summer, actress Vanessa Williams spoke out about how she was abused and molested by another woman when she was just 10-years-old while on vacation.The perpetrator was 18-years-old and part of a clique of "cool girls." Williams stated that she felt the incident caused her to become sexually awakened at too young of an age.She said that she considered the man who sired her a sexual deviant.Photo: Instagram Queen Latifah was abused by a male babysitter as a child.Kesha isn't the only celebrity sexual abuse survivor.

Her debut single "Me and a Gun" from Little Earthquakes is about the experience.

Accessorising with true fashionista style, the stunner sported a flying eagle brooch in a softer hue of blue as a contrast to her blouse.

Not detracting away from her colourful attire, the songstress wore minimal make-up including a dash of blush and deftly touches of pale pink eyeshadow.

Kesha pulled out all the stops as she continued her dazzling comeback at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday, looking vibrant in her glittering cape and matching sequined trousers.

The Tik Tok hitmaker styled an electric turquoise shirt, which was embellished with embroidery and intricate beading.

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