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Because Rito tried to save her from her uncle Zastin who came on the order of her father to bring Lala back home, Rito, on the other hand, due to his feelings for Haruna, does not want anything to do with Lala.Rito discovers from Zastin, Lala's uncle and leader of her personal guard, that if he were to back out of his engagement with Lala, he would be killed and Lala's father would destroy the Earth."Did Denisovan people themselves make it across Wallace's Line, a big biogeographic boundary separating Asia from Australasia? "These are very much still questions that we want to get a handle on, so who were the first people into Australia?"We still think it's modern humans but perhaps it might have been Denisovans.Tiny fragments of their remains – including a pinky finger – were found in the world famous Denisova cave in the Altai region of southern Russia, the only place they have so far been discovered, some 5,200 miles from Australia which was first populated around 65,000 years ago.Extraordinary examples of modern-looking jewellery made by the Denisovans at least 50,000 years ago but suspected by scientists to be older - unearthed in this cave - show their technological skills as being far advanced of Home sapiens or Neanderthals at the time.At home, his younger sister Mikan notices Rito's depressed look and suggests that they should go out the next day to show Lala around town.

An earlier Science opinion article has also suggested Denisovans could have reached Australia.Using one of her own inventions, she teleports naked into Rito's bathtub, where he accidentally gropes her breasts.It is later revealed to him that this is equivalent to a marriage proposal on Deviluke, and Lala happily accepts that she is to become Rito's future bride.While he attempts many times to touch Lala's breasts, he does not make it in time, and thus is stuck with the engagement.The next day while at school, a new transfer student is announced to the class.

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