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During the same week that it was announced that alleged pedophile Kevin Spacey was being replaced in the already-finished movie “All the Money in the World,” and on the same day that Louis C. admitted he sexually harassed women comedians and was subsequently dropped from every single contract in his life short of his mortgage, two of Hollywood’s most high-profile perpetrators of violence against women were appearing on the big screen in star-studded new movies.

Mel Gibson, fresh off an Oscar-nomination earlier this year for directing “Hacksaw Ridge,” starred in the comedy sequel “Daddy’s Home 2,” while Johnny Depp was a major part of the ensemble in Kenneth Branagh’s remake of “Murder on the Orient Express.” Their crimes and offenses are well known: Gibson’s reputation precedes him, with a record of spousal abuse and spewing racial epithets, and Depp allegedly beat his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

— Bess Kalb (@bessbell) November 12, 2017Mel Gibson pleaded no contest to a charge of battery after a dispute that left his wife with 2 broken teeth & a black eye.

Way, way worse than what Louis CK has been accused of.— Kyle Smith (@rkylesmith) November 10, 2017 Gibson had not starred in a big budget studio release in 15 years before “Daddy’s Home 2,” in part because of a blacklisting that began in 2006 after his original antisemitic comments were released. But as the Wall Street Journal reported this week, once “Hacksaw Ridge” made money, he signed with a big agency once again and became welcomed back into the Hollywood fold.

I was really hoping they would click because I like each of them.

No one ever seems to stay with Gina very long in recent years.

Luna, 19 months old, already looks like a tiny sophisticated New Yorker in her little pink coat.

He flew in 50 friends from Italy and invited anyone in disco vintage attire to join the party.

Of course he invited the cast – Travolta didn’t show up, but Karen did, and Monti Rock III was DJ.

On Wednesday, Katie was in LA for Jamie’s big birthday party, but she didn’t hang around for long. Suri seems to be growing up quite nicely – she’s very pretty and seems happier than when she was younger. After he became successful, Warren started taking his time about making movies – whether he starred or directed, so he wasn’t as prolific as Annette.

She took some time off with her children, but basically made a LOT of impressive films.

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