Accomodating for electric ovens

Kind of big for a small town home but after giving serious consideration to about 8 - 10 of these, this one really had everything.

I wasn't looking to build a cellar but wanted to store more than 2 or 3.

The frig was delivered within a week in time for Fathers' Day and it was a big hit. I purchased this wine cooler mainly for fermenting home brew.(beer) living in the South makes it very difficult to hold the temperatures cool enough to make happy yeast for brewing, durning the Spring and Summer months. In order to place larger bottles we have had to remove one of the racks. I liked it so much 30 days later (after my wine advocate 16 bottle unit croaked) I bought a 2nd one. The next unit that arrived was quieter, however, it was damaged.

Pretty much the same kind of features to look for on any other oven or stove – multiple cooking functions, improved safety features and so on.Personally, I think it's just the right size to have a nice variety for any occasion/meal chilled and on hand.I bought this unit to replace a failing compressor based wine fridge.By combining these two cooking methods, your kitchen gets the best of both worlds!Pretty much the same disadvantages as using any freestanding stove – the lower oven means you’ll need to bend down to access your food (not ideal if you have a dodgy back), and they can take up a fair bit of space in your kitchen.

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