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Hook Theory Dos and donts of text game Ok, after you would have built some sort of connection with the girl by text through normal text game whereas the girl is engaging, texts back and so forth, this is the framework that you actually want.I repeat: the girl has to be responsive and engaging or else you have no shot in hell in getting her to commit to going by you.As I said previously: it is much easier to get a girl to come over whom you don’t really know, than one who already knows you.Read this article of mines: Familiarity kills attraction.I am highlighting prospects whom you never slept with, never dated, never been out with, possibly never met in person [such as girls met online] and girls whom you don’t know personally.It isn’t outside the realm of possibility to get a girl to come to your place if she were someone whom you fucked on a prior occasion, or someone who has already been to your apartment/abode…though it would’ve still been challenging to a degree. Over the phone or face-to-face, it is a tad bit easier to get a girl to say “yes” to stopping by your place. Having the girl actually follow through will be the tricky part. However, in person or over the telephone, since there’s more social pressure upon the girl, she is likely to respond positively to coming by…though she will likely flake and not show up when the time comes.You just need to appear cool enough, sane enough, fun enough, funny enough, high value enough and non-needy.This can all be achieved within 15 text messages or less…over the course of 3 or so days as I routinely do.

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If you don’t know the basics of text-game and how to get a girl invested and engaged via text, then you may want to check out the following posts of mines.A few minutes of texting over the course of 3 days will suffice in setting the stage…providing you’re doing it right [text game].You don’t necessarily need to try to build rapport/comfort through text in order to get the girl to come by your place.Other exceptions are girls whom you might have picked up a while back, still have their phone numbers, but never really connected with by contacting them.Be as it may, you want to start with a fresh girl, fresh set and fresh slate.

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