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Below, all the rules the Duggar family must follow, even though they're broken from time to time.(Photo Credit: You Tube) When the Duggars go on their beach vacations, don't expect to see them in any bikinis or swim trunks.Jana Duggar has passed up plenty of courtships, and John David has kept whatever exists of his courting life under wraps.Rumor suggests, however, that there will be more courtship news in upcoming episodes, and we could finally get to meet a confirmed courtship of John David's.If he isn't courting and if he doesn't want to court, that's fine, no matter what expectations his awful father has of him.But if he If so, good for John David -- he can marry her and escape from the Duggar nightmare as much as possible without cutting all ties, since he and his bride wouldn't be appearing on camera.

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It could be that he'll reveal her on one of these new episodes.

Jana Duggar, who's unmarried, still isn't allowed to post on Facebook or Instagram — and she's 27! When out on a date during a courtship, they must always bring along either an older sibling or a parent.

(Photo Credit: Instagram) The Duggars don't date, they "court." Courting means "dating with the intent to marry," and the Duggar kids are required to include their parents in the process every step of the way. "Keeps things from going in the wrong direction," Jim Bob explained.

(Photo Credit: TLC) The Duggars are huge fans of side hugs.

Full-frontal hugs are considered an abomination and only children who are married are allowed to do it.

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