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So I’ve had a set of these bowls for at least 5 years. In fact, love them so much, we just ordered another set after all these years! I bought a four of these to replace my dwindling set of bowls that have broken over the years.

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Without proof of purchase, the item can be exchanged only for the same item. We are unable to accept any items for return or exchange without proof of purchase.

I really love that they hold a decent portion of cereal, are shaped in a way that fits the hand nicely, and they also have a clean timeless design.

However the tapered edges are much more prone to chipping. Not the end of the world, and as I said I tend to break things easily especially when washing dishes.

We have been through many different types and this one has been the best even on our hardest of frozen ice cream! It still works better than any other we have owned but not as great as before the dishwasher mistake!!

I've had a lot of ice cream scoop experience and this is the best one I've used.

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